Jakarta, July 30, 2012 (ANTARA) - Yacht rally as the backbone of the international event 2012 Sail Morotai was officially launced yesterday on July 28th from Cullen Bay Pier, Darwin - Australia. The start of flag off was marked by firing salvo into the sky from the upper ship deck of "Spirit of Darwin" by Chairman of Organizing Committee of 2012 Sail Morotai, who also a Director General of Marine and Fisheries Resources Supervision, Syahrin Abdurrahman. "Yacht Rally participants who have released as much as 132 yacht from 22 countries. This has been increased significantly from the last year event with 111 participants from 18 countries and in 2010 for 107 participants, "said Syahrin when released the yacht participants representing the Minister of Marine Afairs and Fisheries."

132 boats of participants for yacht rally 2012 Sail Morotai consisted of 47 yacht from Australia, 20 yacht from USA, 8 yacht from New Zealand, 9 Canadian yacht, 7 yacht from Netherlands, 6 England yacht, France, Germany and Sweden (each 5 yacht), four yacht from Austria, Italy and Switzerland (each 3 yacht), Denmark and Belgium (each 2 yacht), and Finland, Gibraltar, Japan, Jersey UK, Monaco, and Vanuatu (Each 1 yacht). "An increasing number of yacht rally participants shows the success of the Sail-Belitong Wakatobi 2011 and 2012 Sail Morotai Committee in promoting this event, "Syahrin Abdurrahman continued.

After the released from Darwin, Australia, further yacht rally participants would be divided into two teams, which will enter the island toward the east Indonesia through the entry point in Saumlaki on July 31st to August 3rd, 2012, then continued the journey to Banda, Buru, Ternate, Wakatobi, and went to Takabonerate. While the team toward the west would enter the Indonesian islands through the entry point in Kupang on July 30 - August 4th 2012, then continued the trip to Alor, Lembata, Ende and Riung. The next two teams would meet again in Labuan Bajo on September 12th to 15th to get together to continue the trip to North Lombok and Bali. The team then split up again for two routes which were to Kumai and Karimun Java route then to Thousand Islands. The yacht rally articipants then gathered back in Manggar-East Pacific Islands on October 20-22nd 2012 and continued the journey to Pacific Islands, Bangka and Batam, to finally got out from Indonesian territory to Singapore.

Yacht rally participants were attempted to visit as much as possible areas in Indonesian archipelago. The arrival of yacht rally participants would have positive impacts to the visited area, in addition to significantly increased the economy transaction of local people, as well as a promotion event to improve the tourism sector and investment of the area in the future.

2012 Sail Morotai implementation will be centered on Morotai Island - North Maluku, in order to reach the island of Morotai will be tough for the yacht rally participants who sailed by relying on wind power, so the Committee of 2012 Sail Morotai implemented the breakthrough from previous yacht rally by inviting the yachter from Malaysia to visit Morotai through the entry point of Tarakan and yachter from Davao-Philipines to visit Morotai through the entry point of Talaud.

In addition to yacht rally activity, 2012 Sail Morotai which brings the theme "Towards the New Era of Pacific Regional Economy "also held a number of activities, such as: 67th Independence Day Celebration Ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia at the leading edge of the island, Bhakti Sosial Activities and Free Health Services, Bhakti for Welfare People activities, BUMN Care with Morotai, national and international seminars, Cross archipelago for Marine Adolescents and Youth, Regional Potential Exhibition, Marine Sports, the Expedition of International Research Vessel and Scientific Expedition of Leading Island, cultural attractions and tourism, and the Insight of Nationality and Country Defense Program, as well as the top event on September 15th, 2012 at Daruba Morotai Pier which will be attended by the President of Republic of Indonesia and veterans of World War II in Morotai.

For more information, please contact Indra Sakti, SE, MM, Head of Data, Statistic and Information Center, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Mobile: 0818159705)

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