Jakarta`s next governor needs to have national access

Jakarta`s next governor needs to have national access

Henry Subiakto. (ANTARA/Jessica Helena Wuysang)

"In order to sort out the problem, therefore, solution is needed from the downstream."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Political observer Henry Subiakto said Wednesday the next governor of Jakarta needs to have access at national level and ability to cooperate with neighboring regions to cope with a host of problems in the capital city.

Next month, Jakarta is to elect new governor for the next five year term with incumbent Fauzi Wibowo to face potential and more popular contender Joko Widodo in the final round.

In the first round last month contested by six candidates, Joko, now mayor of the Central Java city of Solo, led with Fauzi trailing, but with votes of around 42 percent falling short of the majority 51 percent needed to outright win the governorship.

A second round, therefore, is needed to be contested by the leader and the second in the lead.

Henry said, the problems in Jakarta lie in the downstream levels.

"In order to sort out the problem, therefore, solution is needed from the downstream," he said, citing the annual floods inundated the city has to be coped with through cooperation with Bogor and Depok where the flood waters come from.

The worse traffic jams in Jakarta also is attributable mainly to motor vehicles of workers from Jakarta`s satellite cities of Depok, Bogor, Bekasi and Tangerang, he said.

He said the next governor also needs to cooperate with the central government as problem besetting Jakarta is a national problem.

In addition, Jakarta is also required to find an integrated solution in the upstream with neighboring regions, he added.

"Therefore, whoever would win the election, Fauzi Wibowo or Joko Widodo, is facing heavy duties. It is not easy to sort out Jakarta`s problems," he said.

Jakarta city administration could not work alone, but it has to team up with West Java and Banten regional administrations as well as the central governor, he said.

He said he did not believe a governor could handle and cope with the problems besetting Jakarta.

The problems faced by Jakarta are too complex and the remedy has to be an integrated solution, he said. (Uu.AS/H-ASG/B003)