PKS selling political support natural

PKS selling political support natural

Photo document of Fauzi Bowo (second from left) with President of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Lutfi Hasan (second from right). (ANTARA/Mahmud)

"PKS has lost its reputation as a clean political party."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The issue alleging the Islamic-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) receiving money in payment for political support for a candidate of next Jakarta`s governor is natural, a political observer said.

Jakarta is to elect new governor for the next five-year term with incumbent Fauzi Bowo facing popular and potential contender Joko Widodo, now mayor of Central Java city of Solo.

PKS was said to have received Rp20 billion to throw its political support for Fauzi, who already won support from a vast majority of the parties in the country.

Joko Widodo said he was not troubled by support from minority parties stressing he relies more on the people of Jakarta.

Priyanto Harsasto, lecturer of the University of Diponegoro, Semarang, said from the beginning survey agencies already predicted PKS would give its support for Fauzi Bowo.

"It is also natural that Fauzi Bowo, now under pressure, would do whatever necessary to secure support," Priyanto said here today.

In the first round of election, which was contested by six candidates, Joko Widodo led with Fauzi trailing, but a 42 percent votes in favor of Joko was not enough to outright win the governorship.

A regulation rules that a majority of at least 51 percent is needed to win the election in single round.

A second round, therefore, has to be made next month to decide the final winner and the next governor of the capital city.

Priyanto said it is not unusual that political parties are involved in mutually beneficial political deals.

A candidate needs support and on the other hand a political party needs funds to finance its political activities, he said.

What is not normal is if a political party in the country remains clean and is not involved in any political deals, he said.

All political parties in Indonesia have been involved in political transactions, he said.

"PKS has lost its reputation as a clean political party. In the beginning PKS was known as a clean party," he said.

He cited a number of PKS politicians have been involved in corruption cases.

"PKS is no different from other political parties. What makes it different only in that it is better in organization as it is more a cadre party rather than a mass organization."