"I ask understanding from the people if the government has to take unpopular policies."
Bogor (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono assures Indonesians that the government is ready to face possible global recession.

Yudhoyono speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting here Friday said the government might have to take an unpopular policy to save the country`s economy from the impact of the global crisis.

He asked the people for understanding if the government has to resort to an unpopular policy, but he assures Indonesians the interest of low income people will be protected.

"I ask understanding from the people if the government has to take unpopular policies, but be assured whatever we would do we would continue to give priority to the protecting the interest of low income people," he said.

He did not specify what he meant by unpopular policy. In his state of the nation address to mark the commemoration of the state independence on August 17, Yudhoyono indicated that the government would not raise the prices of oil fuels.

Raising the prices of oil fuels has been seen one of the most unpopular policies always met with strong protest.

Yudhoyono said the global economic condition is getting worse with the recession in Europe beginning to bite.

Europe recorded a contraction of 3 percent and the US economy has not shown much improvement, he said, adding, meanwhile China and India are slowing down.

He said the prices of oil are fluctuating and tended to rise in the world market.

Similarly the food prices in the world market have continued to climb to follow growing demand while production is hampered by unfavorable climate change.

Yudhoyono repeated expressing concern about financial shock that hit one or two countries in Europe the impact of which would be serious on the whole financially integrated region.

He said the government would work hard to improve economic management to ensure that the economy would continue to grow by more than 6 percent and to meet all targets set by the government.

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