"She is passionate about creating opportunities for artists."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Australian arts producer Kath Papas completed her five-week stay in Indonesia this month, during which she learned about and supported contemporary Indonesian performance.

"Kath Papas is from Melbourne and is a creative producer and consultant who specialises in dance and works with independent artists. She is passionate about creating opportunities for artists, fostering diversity and contributing to the development of the performing arts," the Australian embassy in Jakarta said on its official website on Thursday.

Papas worked in Indonesia as part of Asialink`s Arts Management Residency Program, which is aimed at enabling arts managers, from all art forms, to work for extended periods of time with a variety of organisations across Asia.

She worked with renowned choreographer and performer Agung Gunawan at the Arts Island Festival in Yogyakarta, building a strong relationship with the festival and deepening her understanding of Indonesian culture.

"The time I spent working with the team and artists from the Arts Island Festival was a culturally enriching experience. I met with local contemporary artists and learned a lot about traditional Indonesian cultural practices, while helped me develop a new connection with the festival," Papas said.

"I am inspired by Agung`s vision to conduct a festival that reaches beyond the usual hotspots of Jakarta and Yogyakarta and is held in Bali, Kediri and Batu-Malang. This precious time in Indonesia has enabled me to establish relationships with artists and organisations that I will be able to use more broadly in my professional work, especially given my strong focus on international work," she added.

While in Jakarta, Papas was invited by Kelola to present a workshop on production skills, which was attended by dance artists, arts managers and emerging producers.

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