PTDI launching large scale revitalization and restructuring

PTDI launching large scale revitalization and restructuring

Photo docuent of C 295 by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. (ANTARA/M. Agung Rajasa)

"PT DI has to continue to be ready to survive in the competition."
Bandung (ANTARA News) - The state aircraft maker PT Dirgantara Indonesia is launching large scale restructuring and revitalization program to improve its competitiveness in aircraft industry.

"The market is more competitive, therefore, PT DI has to continue to be ready to survive in the competition," I.P. Windu Nugroho, a senior staff of PTDI told reporters here on Tuesday.

Windu said the management of PTDI is aware of the difficulties in meeting challenges ahead.

In order to meet the challenges, PTDI has launched the restructuring and revitalization program in various aspects including organization, finance, human resources, modernization of information technology, machinery, etc, he said.

He said in launching the program PT DI is fully supported by experts from Airbus Military as its main business partner at present.

Cooperation between PTDI and Airbus Military in aircraft industry dates back to 1976.

After the progress shown BY PTDI, Airbus Military agreed to expand the cooperation marked with more new agreements signed, Windu said.

The cooperation agreements between PTDI and Airbus Military includes Strategic Collaboration Agreement, Teaming Agreement, CN295 agreement, and Industrial Collaboration Agreement, he said.

He said Airbus Military even has decided to move production of its C295 aircarft from its factory in Sevilla in Spain to Bandung.

Cooperation in the revitalization program is aimed at expanding the country`s capacity in strategic industry, he said.

Through the cooperation PTDI hopes to be able to produce a number of important components for CN295 aircraft.

Currently PTDI and Airbus Military have completed Industrial Plan and New Lay-out for Rear Fuselage, Empennages dan Delivery Center.

It is expected that early next year, construction of Delivery Center for CN295 aircraft would be completed, Windu said.

Revitalization program also includes change of existing system of information technology from Integrated Resources Planning (IRP) into Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.

With the completion of all phases of revitalization program, PTDI is expected to be ready to meet all challenges in the market, Windu said.

Since it started operation in 1976 PTDI has produced more than 300 units of aircraft both fixed wing and rotary wing.

PTDI has produced more than 102 units of NC-212 both civil and military versions under license of CASA , now Airbus Military.

PTDI has also produced 122 units of NBO-105 helicopter under license of MBB (now Eurocopter) of German. Most of the helicopers are used by the Indonesian military

The company has also produced more than 33 units of NBell-412 helicopters and 7 units of NBell-412 EP under license of Bell Helicopter Textron (USA) and 22 units of Super Puma helicopter under license of Aerospatiale (now Eurocopter) of France.

Production of CN-235 aircraft in cooperation with CASA began in 1979 and has totaled more than 260 units used by various countries.