"This must be coordinated so that their implementation is similar."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The General Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) has expressed hope that the General Elections Commission (KPU) will be transparent in organising the 2014 elections to ensure they are just and fair.

"I am confident that all problems surrounding the general elections can be properly resolved if the KPU organizes the elections more openly," Bawaslu member Daniel Zuchron said here on Saturday.

He noted that the KPU at the central level should be reinforced because the commission was the center of all elections activities.

"The KPU must improve its management procedures, starting with regulations, planning, and human resource (management)," he stated.

Daniel explained that the KPU plays an administrative role. "It has all the procedures regarding administrations and the code of ethics (laid out). Therefore, all reports must be made to the KPU, and we will check in the field whether anything requires our confirmation," he said.

He pointed out that at the district and provincial levels, the KPU had the same standard of circulars, but they implemented them differently.

"This must be coordinated so that their implementation is similar. It becomes the task of the Bawaslu to ensure that the same standard is properly implemented. There should not be a situation where supervision is tightened in one district but loosened in another because it affects tens of voters and documents," he stated.

However, he believed that the elections in 2014 would be organized in a better way than previous elections.

In the meantime, a political observer from the University of Indonesia, Ari Junaedi, has stated that the ruling regime should ensure that its preparations for the legislative and presidential elections in 2014 do not affect the performance of ministries and other government institutions this year.

"In 2013, several ministers and state institution leaders will be busy preparing for the 2014 elections. Therefore, the government should take measures to prevent a decline in the performance of ministries and national institutions," he emphasised.

Junaedi stated that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should take action against the ministries and institutions "that performed poorly because they focused too much on the legislative and presidential elections."

"Preventive measures can be taken by following up on the results of the reports released by the Presidential Working Unit for Supervision and Development Management (UKP4), which show the performance of ministries and institutions," he noted.

"Earlier, the UKP4 -led by Kuntoro Mangkusubroto - had reported its evaluation of the United Indonesia Cabinet part II, and the results showed that some ministries had performed poorly in 2012," Junaedi pointed out.

He stated that the UKP4 evaluation results had not been followed up seriously, even though the body had been formed by the President to assess the performance of ministries and institutions in the Cabinet.

"Therefore, the President should quickly follow up on the results to improve the performance of ministries and institutions. Besides this, the President should also reshuffle his Cabinet to fill the vacant positions and replace ministers who have performed poorly," Junaedi continued.

He said the UKP4 should also monitor the activities of ministries and institutions, particularly with regard to the 2014 elections.

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