New Workplace Standard: Companies Should Measure "Quality of Life per Square Foot"

CoreNet Global advocates employee wellness, work-life supports as a new business model for companies to adopt

     SHANGHAI, Feb. 6, 2013 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) -- Companies should measure "quality of life per square foot," and give their knowledge workers more influence in major changes, including workspace design, according to CoreNetGlobal's new position statement, which advocates for the quality of working environments and work experiences as a socially responsible corporate practice.

     "Enhancing worker experiences to promote employee wellness and engagement" will be among the topics examined at the CoreNet Global Asia-Pacific Summit in Shanghai( this March 26–28.

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     CoreNetGlobal's 7,700+ members influence the design and operation of corporate workplaces worldwide.

     With as much as 70-percent of knowledge workers either unengaged or actively disengaged on the job, the economic stakes are increasing, as is the value of human capital.

     CoreNet Global is calling on the corporate community to improve their workplaces with:

     -- Holistic, integrated workplace design with open, progressive workspaces designed for collaboration, focus, learning and socializing; complemented by telework and other forms of mobile work when applicable

     -- Emphasis on sustainable features promoting health and wellness, such as:
        -- Use of non-toxic and reused materials
        -- Ergonomic furniture and equipment
        -- Access to daylight and open views complemented by energy-efficient windows
        -- Natural ventilation via mixed-mode conditioning
        -- Balanced temperature controls
        -- High-performance lighting systems
        -- Shading, cool roofs and green roofs
        -- Water conservation and storm water management

     -- Incorporation of amenities with an eye toward integrated wellness, such as:
        -- Flexible work terms and work schedules
        -- "Third places" and "third spaces" as alternatives to the main workplace
        -- Integration of personal devices with company systems as an extension of the work-life support "eco-system" where employees use their own technology for work ("BYOT")
        -- Fitness centers, walking and running trails
        -- Cafeteria, cafe environments and food services emphasizing healthy options and offerings such as fresh, local foods with programs promoting healthy eating

     -- Encouraging commuter-carbon footprint reduction through:
        -- Public transit links, transit and car pool incentives, bike paths and bike storage

     The advocacy statement also recommends that corporate real estate executives shift away from traditional "two-dimensional metrics" for productivity like cost per square foot or revenue per employee. In some companies, a more pronounced partnership is emerging between the CRE and HR sides of the corporate back office.

     NOTE: The "Quality-of-Life per square foot approach" to real estate is a philosophy developed by Sodexo, a CoreNet Global Strategic Partner. Sodexo is the global leader in services that improve Quality of Life, an essential factor in individual and organizational performance.

     With more than 7,700 members internationally, CoreNet Global is the world's leading professional association for corporate real estate and workplace executives, service providers, and economic developers. Please visit for more information. Press interested in covering the Shanghai Summit may email

     Richard Kadzis

     SOURCE CoreNet Global