... My principle is that Democrat cadres must forget momentarily about the upcoming general election... "
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Democrat Party Advisory Council Chairman Susilo Yudhoyono has asked the party's cadres to forget momentarily about 2014 general election.

Speaking to the press at his private Cikeas home in Bogor, West Java, on Friday night, the party advisory board chairman who is concurrently the president of Indonesia said the cadres should set their focus on revamping and management.

According to the Syaiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) latest survey, the popularity of Democrat party has dropped to only eight percent far below its strong rivals Golkar Party with around 21 percent and the Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle (PDIP) with 18 percent.

The Democrat Party's popularity continued to drop after several of its cadres were found involved in corruption cases.

In the latest incident former member of the party's advisory board members business tycoon Siti Hartati Murdaya was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail on Monday. Therefore, several cadres have urged Yudhoyono to take effort to rescue the ruling party.

Roy Suryo, who is currently minister of sports and youth affairs, said in a text message to ANTARA here on Monday that the move was important in view of the party`s declining popularity.

"Latest survey by the SMRC shows the Democrat Party's electability has dropped to only eight percent and so actions must be taken. The party must be saved. That is the only way," Roy Suryo said.

Another party cadre, Jero Wacik, who is also minister of energy and mineral resources, has also called on Yudhoyono to take actions to save the party in preparation for the next general elections in 2014.

But Yudhoyono said on Friday night called on the party's cadres to forget for a while the upcoming general election and set their focus on revamping and management.

"My principle is that Democrat cadres must forget momentarily about the upcoming general election, and set their focus, time, and energy on the revamping and management of the party," Yudhoyono said.

On the occasion, Yudhoyono said he would directly lead the rearrangement and disciplinary affairs in an effort solve the party's internal problem.

He said he had taken several concrete steps, first by urging main cadres of the party; especially at the Advisory Board, the Honorary Council, and Central and Regional Executive Councils; to sign a pact of integrity.

"I hope the signing of the pact of integrity will be completed this month, and those who refuse to sign the pact will be kicked out of the party," Yudhoyono noted.

Second, he will make a repositioning of the party personnel, including the cadres who are members of budget board, to prevent the occurrence of new irregularities. "The reference of this repositioning is to put the right person on the right place," he went on.

Third, every main cadre of the party should submit the report of his or her treasures to the supervisory commission of the party.

"We will adhere and follow the existing form, applied by the Corruption Eradication Commission," Yudhoyono noted.

Further, he explained that the fourth step was that all party cadres and members would be asked to hand in their Tax Identification Number (NPWP) in order to make sure they have paid their tax

The Tax Identification Number is a number issued to taxpayers by the tax office to identify taxpayers and to assist them in fulfilling their tax obligations.

Fifth, the Democrat Party will reorder its management which has not been running well so far, and to make it like that of an professional and modern organization. "I do like to enforce a new and better management, regulation, discipline, and ethics," Yudhoyono explained.

Sixth, to reorder and discipline the party's Public Relations, including those who have authority to make a press statement, to attend a television talk-show, and other similar activities in accordance with existing mechanism.

"I see the Public Relations officials are not smart enough because sometimes they corner each other and fail to inform many things that have actually done by the government and the party itself," he said.

Seventh, in the near future there will be a leadership meeting, to be attended by the elements of Democrat Supreme Council and the chairmen of all regional executive councils, and then to be followed by a national leadership meeting.

"I would like to make sure that the movement to rescue, to discipline, and to clean the party from irregularities will happen all over Indonesia," Yudhoyno noted.

Eight, Democrat Party will further prioritize the organization management and disciplinary effort in order to re-attract people's sympathy.

"We will rearrange the management of the party and improve its image to make sure what we can do for the people of Indonesia," Yudhoyono noted.

The president gathered the party leaders at his private home in Cikeas on Friday night to discuss ways to overcome the internal problem of the party.

Earlier the party advisory board member Syarif Hasan said Yudhoyono had already found options to put the party in order.

Several party figures in the past few days had called on Yudhoyono to step in due to a drop in the party's popularity following several party cadres' involvement in corruption cases.

Yudhoyono also summoned a number of party's top officials for a meeting at his Cikeas home on Thursday night to discuss various issues within the party.

"Several ministers from the party were summoned to Cikeas to report what has happened to the party during Yudhoyono's overseas visit," Syarif Hasan said.

According to Syarif Hasan --the minister of cooperatives and small medium enterprises-- Yudhoyono made several options to reorder the Democrat Party when he was in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia.

"The options are about the way how to reorder the Democrat Party, and to improve the organization management for all cadres of the party," he said.


Reporter: Otniel Tamindael
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