"The result of rapid test, however, showed that it was AI."
Magelang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Avian influenza was believed to have caused the death of 150 chickens in the regency of Magelang, Central Java in the past four days.

The chickens died suddenly in the village of Klopo since April 11 and the carcass of some of the dead chickens have been sent to Veterinary Center in Yogyakarta to confirm the cause of the death, head of animal health and veterinary community of the district animal husbandry and fishery service, John Manglapy said.

"The result of rapid test, however, showed that it was AI. Therefore, we have started spraying everyday for seven successive days," he said.

The district authorities have taken precaution with vaccination to prevent the possible spread of the bird flue, John said.

The chicken farmers in the village rejected advice of culling , therefore, spraying and vaccination had been taken as preventive measure, he said.

The animal husbandry and fishery office has set up a reporting post to receive report of suspected cases of AI, he said.

Earlier there was no report of suspected AI cases in the area, he added.

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