Papua police investigate Aimas shooting incident

Papua police investigate Aimas shooting incident

Brigadier General Police Paulus Waterpauw. (ANTARA)

We cannot as yet tell about the victims, as the police are still gathering data and evidence.
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Papua Regional Police Command has deployed a team to investigate the shooting incident in Aimas in the Sorong District, West Papua Province on Wednesday at 02.30 am.

The team is led by the Deputy Chief of the Papua Police Command, Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw, with Chief of the Military Police at the Papua Regional Police Command, Senior Commissioner Usman HP and Deputy Director of Special Crime Investigation Adjunct Senior Commissioner Parlindungan Silitonga as members.

After arriving in Sorong the team immediately proceeded to Aimas.

Brigadier General Waterpauw said Chief of the Papua Regional Police Command, Inspector General Tito Karnavian, had instructed the team to assist Aimas police to unveil the cause of the shooting incident.

"Inspector General Karnavian has instructed us to go to Sorong to assist our members to reveal the background and cause of the incident that has injured one Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel," Waterpauw said.

Waterpauw added he could not as yet tell about victims from the armed group that had conducted an attack including those who suffered injuries and who had died.

"We cannot as yet tell about the victims, as the police are still gathering data and evidence," Waterpauw said adding that they will investigate the cause of shooting incident.

Three people had been injured while two others had died in the incident, according to ANTARA News`s source.

The case started after joint security officers patrolled the Aimas area following information that Isak Kalaibin would lead several people in the area to hoist the "Bintang Kejora" flag of the banned Free Papua Movement on May 1, 2013.

The joint security officers have asked the group to dismiss, but the armed group ignored the suggestion and attacked TNI and Police officers injuring TNI personnel, Second Sub-Lieutenant Sultony.

The source said the police and TNI officers had been forced to conduct shootings for protection after the group tried to attack the team, injuring several people and killing two persons.

The two victims who died in the shooting incident were Abner Makagawak and Thomas Blesia, while those who suffered injuries were Salomina Klaifin, Herman Lokden and Andreas Kapisa.