Dumai, Riau (ANTARA News) - PT Pelindo I said it has invested more than Rp600 billion to modernize the Dumai port as a hub port in the past three years .

Facilities have been built to facilitate crude palm oil exports (CPO) from the country`s largest palm oil producing province.

The facilities include a liquid bulk terminal at the B quay, expansion of the B quay and dry bulk terminal, Aprilia Dwison, deputy general manager of the Dumai branch of the state port operator, said.

The dry bulk terminal development project includes development of two units of warehouse in 2010, loading an unloading equipment, power plant (2010-2011) , bagging system, and conveyor system, Aprilia said here on Wednesday

This year Pelindo I will build one more unit of warehouse to make complete the facilities in the dry bulk terminal in the port of Dumai, he said.

After completing the development of the terminal and other facilities since 2010, Pelindo I of Dumai will set aside Rp49 billion for further expansion of the port, he said.

"In 2013, we would not invest much in Dumai after what has been done in 2010-2012. This year we need only to complete work already running," he said.

He said it was wrong to address criticism to Pelindo about high handling cost in the port.

Pelindo charges only cost for the quay and ship mooring services in the quay, he said, adding Pelindo I charges Rp6,750 per ton for the services.

Loading and unloading and other works are handled by other agencies, he added.

One of the hurdles faced in industrial development in Dumai, is infrastructure being inadequate like roads, he said.

Executive director of the association of vegetable industry (GIMNI) Sahat M Sinaga asked Pelindo to team up with other port operators in Dumai to jointly seek to accelerate development of infrastructure in Dumai.

"Pelindo should not see Wilmar, the owner and operator of the Dumai Industrial Estate as a rival. On the contrary it should be seen as a partner," Sahat said.

Wilmar, the giant palm oil company also has seaport integrated with its industrial estate.

Riau is the country`s largest palm oil producing province.


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