Canada Wants More People-To-People Contacts With Indonesia

Jakarta (Antara News) - The Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia, Donald Bobiash, has said that his country wants more people-to-people contacts with Indonesia.

Bobiash said at the Canada Day 2013 reception at Fourseason Hotel in Jakarta on Thursday night (June 27), a people-to-people contact is an important bridge towards bilateral relationship with Indonesia.

"In the long term plan, people-to-people contacts between Indonesia and Canada should be increased," he said.

According to Bobiash, almost two thousands Canadians travel to Bali every year and since 2010, on average over 50 thousands visit Indonesia annually.

On the other hand, Canada expects more Indonesian youth to study in the Maple Country.

To support the effort to attract the Indonesian youth`s interest, Canada offers a program named "Canada World Youth" that exchanges Canadian youth to live in rural areas in Indonesia for three to four months and Indonesian youth to live in Canada for the same period.

"We hope more Indonesian youth, as an important asset for your country`s development, to study in Canada where they can learn our leading technology, business and communication," he said.

Bobiash referred to the world`s most famous Canadian business success stories, Blackberry, where Indonesia has more users than any other countries in Asia.

Regarding the impact-full Blackberry for the market in Indonesia, RIM, the company that invented the device, has established an application center in Bali.

"All applications used in Blackberry are tested in Bali," he said.

Therefore, Bobiash added Indonesia and Canada have many things to be offered to each other to enhance the bilateral cooperation and partnership. ***1***
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