Garut police arrest 115 illegal immigrants

... from Myammar, Bangladesh and Africa... "
Garut, West Java (ANTARA News) - Police arrested 115 illegal immigrants from Myanmar, Bangladesh and Africa in a villa, Banjarwangi Subdistrict, Garut, West Java, on Sunday.

Head of the Criminal and Investigation Unit of the Garut Police Adj. Commissioner Dadang Garnadi said the police were able to take the illegal immigrants into custody after they got information from the public about the presence of the foreigners.

He said that police got a tip from the public that there were alleged illegal immigrants in a villa of Kampung Genteng village, Banjarwangi Subdistrict.

"When arrested, the illegal immigrants numbered 115 persons from Myammar, Bangladesh and Africa," Garnadi said.

He said that the illegal immigrants were deliberately housed in the villa before they continued their trip to Australia through the South Garut waters.

"We believed they will cross the sea to Australia through the waters of South Garut," Dadang said.

He said that before arriving in the villa, the illegal immigrants left Bogor town (West Java) on a bus on Friday night (Aug 30).

Garut police have repeatedly arrested illegal immigrants willing to cross to Australia.

"The South Garut coastal areas have been often used as a transit point by illegal immigrants willing to go to Australia," Garnadi said.