Hajj pilgrims should anticipate coronavirus spread

Hajj pilgrims should anticipate coronavirus spread

Ali Ghufron Mukti. (ANTARA)

Keep consuming nice foods and maintaining your body`s health."
Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - Health Deputy Minister Ali Ghufron Mukti has warned all hajj pilgrims to anticipate the spread of coronavirus, one among the ways, with using four masks which were facilitated by hajj medical officers.

"The anticipation is needed because vaccines for virus has not been found yet and the virus is obviously different with Meningitis," said Deputy Minister Mukti on the sidelines of Lamongan`s hajj pilgrims first batch departure via Surabaya`s Juanda Airport on Tuesday.

According to Mukti, hajj pilgrims should remain healthy, and also avoid to make the activity too tired.

Mukti also warned hajj pilgrims to check their body`s health to the local Medical Center Haji Indonesia (BPHI) if they find their bodies` temperature is hot.

"Keep consuming nice foods and maintaining your body`s health. You have also to use masks to anticipate the spread of coronavirus. If your body`s temperature does not go down within two weeks, you have to go immediately to BPHI," he said.

Earlier on May, a report from World Health Organization (WHO) said that there has been 38 cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, and caused 22 people died.

Meanwhile, a member of Commission VII`s House of Representatives Ida Fauziyah said that anticipation efforts is more important than prevention if the virus has spread, so that hajj pilgrims should use the Health Ministry`s four masks.

"I think to remind hajj pilgrims to maintain health is important. The ministry has proved it to give best service to hajj pilgrims after achieving an award on hajj medical treatment. Hence, the mask is more effective for virus anticipation, besides Coronavirus vaccine has not found yet," she said.

East Java Governor Soekarwo also expressed hope that all pilgrims can worship with reverence for Allah.

"In addition, please pray for the peace and conduciveness of East Java," he said.

(Reporting by Edy M Ya`kub/Uu.I029/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)