Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Beodiono has asked all stakeholders in the development of the family planning program to give the program a priority in an effort to achieve the ideal demography target envisioned by the nation.

"The family planning program is a multidimensional scheme run jointly by the central government, the regional administration and the relevant agencies," the Vice President said during a function held to commemorate the World Contraception Day at the Senayan Convention Center here on Thursday.

Citing an example, the vice president mentioned that at the ministerial level, the family planning program involved at least the National Family Planning Coordination Board (BKKBN), the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

"All heads of regional governments must give attention to the family planning program," he stressed.

Therefore, the BKKBN should coordinate with different agencies in Jakarta and other regions.

"The BKKBN should explore a new format for coordinating with other regions," he suggested.

Bediono admitted that the family planning program had been marginalized for the sake of short-term interests during the reforms era. Indonesia was able to cut its fertility rate from 5.6 percent in the 1970s to only 2.6 percent in 2000. But this percentage had not undergone significant change during the past decade of the reforms era. The percentage was still too high for creating a balanced demography.

"Our target in 2016 is to achieve 2.1 percent. So, it is still too high," he said. He stressed the importance of family planning so that the population does not exceed the nation�s economic capability.

On the occasion, Vice President Boediono was accompanied by Madame Herawati Boediono, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sharif Cicip Sutardjo and Deputy Education and Culture Minister Wiendu Nuryanti.

World Contraception Day is an annual event held on September 26, when countries and regions from around the world demonstrate their commitment towards raising awareness about contraception and reproductive and sexual health.

BKKBN chief Fasli Jalal pointed out that this year`s World Contraception Day was aimed at reminding all parties of the importance of contraception.

"Let us always remember that contraception is an effective tool to suppress the rate of population growth. It also helps a married couple form a small, happy and prosperous family," Jalal added.

He further mentioned that in the future, BKKBN would step up education programs related to reproduction and sexual health, and raise the public`s awareness about the importance of contraception.

Jalal also expressed the hope that all stakeholders would help make the population and family planning programs in the country a success.

"The population and family planning program will be a success if it is supported by all stakeholders from the central and regional governments," he noted.

Jalal said the BKKBN would also make efforts to familiarize the public with long-term contraception methods, such as the intrauterine device (IUD), sterilization and implants, tubectomy and vasectomy.

"We will continue to create awareness that long-term contraception methods are the most effective way to reduce the pace of population growth," he added.

"The outcome that we can take away today is that it is important for us to always remember that contraceptives are an effective means of staving off population growth. It is the foremost way for a family to build a small-sized, happy and prosperous family," Jalal stated.


Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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