Indonesia is important US partner: John Kerry

Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US remained strong and there had not been any change regarding its foreign policy, adding that Indonesia is an important US partner in the Asia Pacific region.

Further, the US government shutdown will be temporary and relations will soon resume as normal, he said at the APEC Media Center here on Saturday.

Kerry, who will represent President Barack Obama at the APEC Summit on October 7-8, said the US remains committed to APEC and continues to make APEC an economic priority.

Kerry also said that as an APEC member, the US would continue to fulfill its responsibilities and role in APEC.

APEC provides a foundation for regional economic growth, especially for reducing barriers and bringing together countries as common members in the region, in a bid to increase economic growth and security, he said.

At the press conference, attended by some 300 newsmen, Kerry said Indonesia is an important strategic partner in the Asia Pacific region and has proven itself with its ability to host and arrange a clear plan for the APEC agenda and development.

Kerry also said that President Obama could not attend the summit due to the government shutdown, which he said would not last long.(*)