Blitar is a superior city."
Blitar, East Java (ANTARA News) - General Chairman of the Peoples Conscience Party (Hanura) Wiranto began his partys campaign activities for the April 9 legislative elections in Blitar, East Java, on Sunday.

"Blitar is a superior city. Here in the city, Indonesias independence proclaimer is buried," Wiranto said in his oration marking the start of his partys campaign activities in Bagelenan village, Srengat Subdistrict, Blitar, on Sunday.

Wiranto said he deliberately chose Blitar as the first place to launch his partys campaign activities. He said to see how far is the people here had the enthusiasm, support and activities of Hanuras cadres in the face of legislative elections.

The Hanura party also asked the people to unite. The Indonesian people had obtained their independence since 1945 but they still failed to enjoy real independence, he said.

Wiranto said Hanura was willing to touch the peoples conscience and ask them to develop the country together. He asked the people to vote for their trusted representatives.

For that, he said, Hanura provided its cadres with conscience and integrity so that they could really become leaders who master their tasks.

Political parties started a 21-day campaign on Sunday which will last until April 5, 2014 or four days before the legislative elections are held on April 9, 2014.

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