President`s lawyer asks Anas to be honest

The lawyer said Anas often gave wrong information about the president and his family.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonos lawyer Palmer Situmorang asked former chairman of the Democratic Party Anas Urbaningrum to give the right information regarding a corruption case that he was facing.

"AU (Anas Urbaningrum) should have a large heart and accept the legal process for a corruption case that he was facing. The public were mature enough to differentiate between truths and lies, so it was useless to conduct a negative campaign," Situmorang, the chairman of Yudhoyonos advocate and legal consultant team, said in a statement released here on Wednesday.

He said Anas often gave wrong information about the president and his family. "But, we are confident that the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) was professional and will not be deceived by AUs lies. We leave it fully to the KPK," he said.

Anas had lied about Rp250 million that he said he received from Yudhoyono to buy a Toyota Harrier car for him and about US$200 thousand from the Hambalang project for Edhi Baskoro, popularly known as Ibas, a son of the president, the lawyer added.

"It was not true that Ibas received the money. If there was proof, please give it to the institution investigating the case," he said.

On March 28, Anas Urbaningrum presented to the KPK the partys financial report during the 2009 presidential election containing what he claimed were "fictitious campaign donors."

"Here is the report containing the results of the audit," he told journalists while showing the reports front cover shortly after arriving at the antigraft agencys office.

The report was titled "Independent Accountants Report on the Implementation of Agreed Procedures of Receiving and Using Funds for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Boediono Pair in the 2009 Presidential Elections and National Campaign Team."

Anas further said he received what he claimed was the partys financial report from someone about 10 months ago. After studying the reports content, he found a discrepancy regarding the list of names of campaign donors.

"KPK needs to investigate this," he asserted, adding that among the corporates and individual donors, whose names were included in the list, there were also fictitious ones.(*)