The joint team formed under the decree dated May 7, 2014 ..."
Biak, Papua (ANTARA News) - A joint Indonesian military team led by Indonesian Military Police Major POM Eko Mujiyono will assist police officers investigate the shooting incident on April 27, 2014, in Biak night market by two Mobile Brigade officers.

"The joint team formed under the decree dated May 7, 2014, is ready to cooperate with the police officers to speed up investigation of the shooting and assault case that killed a member of Special Force, Paskhas, Private First Class Wardeni and seriously injured Private First Class Damar from blunt force trauma," Military Police officer Major Eko said here on Monday.

Eko also said the Indonesian Air Force expects the shooting case to be solved immediately and the perpetrator punished, according to the applicable law.

Major Eko admitted that the investigation on the shooting incident will be handled by the Biak Police team.

"Private First Class Wardenis family, along with the Special Forces institution and the Indonesian Air Force, TNI AU, is expecting a settlement for the shooting and assault victims," the Military Police Mayor Eko added.

Previously, Biak State Attorney Chief Made Jaya Ardana said the legal process of the shooting incident case is ongoing and currently the investigation notice letter has been received by the State Attorney prosecutor.

"I as the Chief State Prosecutor will lead the team of the Public Prosecutors in prosecuting the perpetrators of the shooting and assault incident, which caused the death of Private First Class Wardeni," he said.

The shooting occurred in the night market area of Mandiri Road, Biak district, at 03:15 a. m. on April 27, 2014, and the perpetrators are two Mobile Brigade officers identified as VL and NM.

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