Sea transportation is more expensive than land transportation."
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The number of tourists from Papua New Guinea, PNG, visiting Jayapura is reported to have decreased after the border was closed by the local authorities following a shooting incident by unknown gunmen.

Jayapura immigration Chief Gardu Tampubolon said that the tourists from PNG have to use the sea route after the land border was temporary closed.

"Sea transportation is more expensive than land transportation. Also, the travel time is longer, especially during high tides," said Tampubolon.

PNGs tourists who wish to visit Jayapura from Venimo, Sandaun, PNG, must endure a travel time of about two to four hours, depending on the condition of the sea.

In addition, the tourists are not allowed to carry heavy luggage, which is possible when travelling on land.

Based on such considerations, PNG tourist visits using cross-border pass or passport have declined, Tampubolon added.

Following the closure of the Indonesia-PNG border, all immigration services have now been shifted to Hamadi, Jayapura.

The number of visitors from PNG had usually been recorded up to 200 people in Jayapura during the market days of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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