Ministry drafting master plan on national fish cultivation

Ministry drafting master plan on national fish cultivation

Fish cultivation in Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang, Banten. (ANTARA FOTO/Lucky.R)

Jakarta, June 26 (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries is drawing a master plan for the development of cultured fish in the country, noted a senior fishery official.

"Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, in cooperation with the international organization, WorldFish, is drafting a National Master Plan for Cultured Fish Cultivation, the implementation of which will be carried out until the year 2020," Secretary General of  Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sjarief Widjaja stated here on Thursday.

Widjaja noted that "Aquaculture Futures Indonesia 2020" was a Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries-WorldFish collaboration project aimed at comprehensively increasing fish consumption and production.

Widjaja explained that the master plan was being formulated in line with a research project "Aquaculture Futures Indonesia" that is due for completion in the coming 18 months.

The project also incorporates scenarios of fish supplies and demands in the future. It developed an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in sustainable fishery development in Indonesia, he pointed out.

The secretary general noted that his office has always asked stakeholders, including international non-profit organizations, to cooperate in working out polices in the fishery sector.

Earlier, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries stated that fish supplies must continue to be maintained, not only in terms of stocks of fish caught by fishermen but also fresh water fish produced through fish pond cultivation.

In the meantime, Indonesia and Fiji are strengthening cooperation in the marine and fisheries sector for fostering a mutually beneficial relationship, Marine and Fisheries Minister Syarif C. Sutardjo stated in a press release received on Thursday, last week.

"Both countries will cooperate in developing, encouraging, promoting, and consulting in areas of marine and fisheries, such as the expansion of sustainable aquaculture, processing, and development of fisheries," Syarif noted.

Furthermore, fish inspection and quarantine, research, development, and improvement of fishery capacity will be carried out in the agreement, which will also empower the coastal community and ensure integrated coastal management and prevent illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

The agreement provides a framework for the two countries to strengthen and enhance marine and fisheries cooperation, Syariff pointed out.

Earlier, the governments of Indonesia and Fiji had conducted a technical cooperation in the marine and fishery sector, such as the training on seaweed cultivation and processing in 2012 and the establishment of a seaweed center in Suva.

The training was followed by the establishment of a cracker food center in Namotmoto Nandi in 2014.

Syarif was optimistic that as part of the maritime and fisheries cooperation, both parties can begin exploring areas of technical cooperation in the field of fisheries. (A014/INE)