We have prepared for the worst.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Military Commander, General Moeldoko, said the General Elections Commission (KPU) has been positioned as strategic object on the occasion of Presidential Election 2014, therefore it required extra security.

"On my capacity as the commander, I have positioned KPU as the national strategic object. Hence, we have to fully protect it, and principally, all Indonesian military forces will be mobilized," said General Moeldoko here on Friday.

General Moeldoko said during his visit to the presidential election 2014 special forces training at the Indonesian Military headquarter in Cilangkap, Jakarta, that he had not calculated the scale of threats, but more into the risks during the vote counting process.

"We have prepared for the worst," he affirmed.

According to Moeldoko, threats can come from anywhere, and any faction that makes a negative move will be considered a threat. The military commander also appealed to the public to remain calm and trust the Indonesian Military, as well as the Indonesian Police, who had secured the situation during post-presidential election period.

"We will mobilize all the forces to secure the post-election period. We hope the public will not underestimate our efforts in protecting them," he said.

Moeldoko has asked both the presidential candidates supporters, in particular, not to hold mass gathering at the KPU building and to trust the mechanism.

On Friday morning, General Moeldoko and heads of military staff, as well as other high-ranking officers of Indonesian Military, had monitored the presidential election 2014 special forces training, including hostage rescue and counter terrorism.

The training has involved 64 personnel of the special forces from the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, which had deployed 12 helicopters, including three Navy Heli Bell 412, two Army Heli Bell 412, three Air Force Super Puma 332, and four Army MI-17.

The training has been conducted to prepare the Indonesian Military to face any possible threat and disorderly action during the post-presidential election 2014.


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