Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The newly issued government regulation en lieu of law (Perppu) No. 1/2014 will replace Law No. 22/2014 if the House of Representatives (DPR) endorses it, stated Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi.

"If it is endorsed, the Perppu will become a law. I do not want to speculate. Hopefully, the Parliament will endorse it," the minister stated here on Monday.

The content of the Perppu differs from Law No. 22/2014, which was recently passed by the DPR, Fauzi pointed out.

"There are a few changes. Some new points were added, and several points were omitted," the minister claimed.

A new additional point, for instance, is related to a public test for candidates contesting in regional head elections. In the meantime, a point about an administrative sanction was omitted, he added.

Fauzi noted that the National Election Commission (KPU) could initiate drafting regulations related to the implementation of regional head elections in 2015 based on Perppu No. 1/2014.

"I have spoken to the KPU Chairman (Husni Kamil Manik) and told him that the KPU can use the Perppu as a legal basis. So, it should no longer refer to Law No. 22/2014," remarked Fauzi.

He explained that the Perppu was issued in line with a decision taken by the Constitutional Court (MK) that has set three criteria for the issuance of a Perppu, which are urgency, legal vacuum, and a need for legal certainty.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recently issued the Perppu to overturn Law No. 22/2014 that regulates the indirect election of regional heads.

The Perppu will help to revert back to the old system of holding direct elections that has been implemented over the past decade in Indonesia.

House Speaker Setya Novanto lauded the issuance of the Perppu and stated that the Parliament was ready to discuss it when a copy of the Perppu was received.

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