Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Police Chief General Sutarman proposed the names of four of his most capable police officers to be selected to accompany President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The shortlisted names were Adjunct Senior Commissioner (AKBP) Bakharudin, Senior Commissioner Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Senior Commissioner Teddy Minahasa Putra, and Senior Commissioner Agus Wijayanto, General Sutarman stated here on Wednesday.

"A presidential aide should fulfill an array of criteria such intelligence, sound communication skills, and high integrity. They should be able to communicate and offer advice to the president about various things," he emphasized.

"Many aspects should be considered, ranging from intellectual aspects to integrity. Those aspects should be good," he pointed out.

According to him, selection for the presidents adjutant will be based on the head of states prerogative.

"It is the prerogative of the president. We choose the best officers to be selected by Jokowi," he noted.

Earlier, Indonesian Military Commander General Moeldoko urged the Presidential Security Guard (Paspampres) to step up security offered to the president or other VVIPs and to not tolerate the slightest deviation from the standard operating procedure (SOP).

"For that, I ask the Paspampres to check and re-check the security system that has been implemented," Indonesian Military Commander Gen. Moeldoko noted here on Wednesday.

He emphasized that the Paspampres should anticipate the worst-case scenario while offering security to VVIPs, so that the system is not vulnerable to any sudden threats posed by anti-social elements.

Moeldoko stated that the soldiers of the Paspampres must increase their professionalism, preparedness, and vigilance for averting any security threats.

"I trust and believe that the demands of the task can be carried out properly. I am glad because the Paspampres has been able to carry out their duties with dedication, awareness, and a high sense of responsibility," he affirmed.

The motto "Faithful Vigilant," which has become the pride of every soldier of the Paspampres, should be an expression of the soldiers belief and intentions that reflects a strong determination.

"I hope that the motto is always imbibed by the Paspampres at all levels, so that it can provide security, safety, and comfort to the VVIPs," he added.

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