The USAID documentary sends a strong message for the need to preserve the environment in Indonesia.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) released a documentary film titled "Voices of Sumatra: Building a Green Future" here on Thursday.

The USAID documentary sends a strong message for the need to preserve the environment in Indonesia.

According to the US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert O. Blake, the documentary reflects the close cooperation between the United States and Indonesia in the environmental sector.

The movie, he stated, clearly shows its audience that businesses, non-governmental organizations and government officials need to work with local communities to preserve the ecosystem.

Besides giving importance to adopting an integrated approach towards preserving forests, it is necessary to take local communities living around them into account as well, Ambassador Blake noted.

This documentary is a way to promote the importance of protecting and managing Indonesias unique biodiversity to ensure that it is preserved well and exploited sustainably, he added.

"It (the film) reveals that we can still build a great future for Sumatra and also the importance of involving all communities and stakeholders in environmental decision making. The importance of sustainable management of all natural resources in the world is also highlighted in the film," Blake stated.

The movie challenges viewers to consider how current business practices result in the destruction and degradation of unique and valuable ecosystems and natural capital. It also raises awareness about the current conditions in the districts of Mandailing Natal and South Tapanuli in the province of North Sumatra.

According to the American ambassador, all stakeholders and local communities must manage natural resources sustainably.

"Biodiversity should be managed sustainably to ensure its continued presence. This way, people will also be assured of a source of revenue," he remarked.

Furthermore, documentary filmmaker and Creative Director of Jungle Run Productions, Joe Yaggi pointed out that the movie acts as the voice of local communities and governments, conveying their message to the private sector to foster green business practices and to individuals to improve conservation practices.

"This documentary film brings governments, businesses and communities together to develop new approaches to conduct business in ways that protect natural resources and reduce deforestation and still remains profitable in the long run," Yaggi stated.(*)

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