Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Aiming for world-class military technology, the Republic of Indonesia is committed to advancing the countrys defense industry by promoting joint cooperation between local and overseas defense firms.

Through such cooperation, the local defense companies can gain essential knowledge and experience that will eventually help them to independently produce state-of-the-art armaments for the National Defense Forces (TNI).

Indonesia needs a transfer of technology, and the United States (US) was ready to lend support to the country in the form of world-class military technology.

Speaking at a public lecture Wednesday at the University of Indonesia campus in Depok, West Java, US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert Orris Blake remarked that his country will cooperate with the TNI to strengthen international defense.

"We will work together with the Indonesian National Defense Forces to step up and strengthen international defense and maritime security," Blake stated.

The US will assist Indonesia in modernizing its military equipment and help the TNI in implementing advanced and world-class American technological systems, he affirmed.

"We will also assist Indonesia in the modernization of its military by providing American military technological system," Blake remarked.

His institution was prioritizing local military weapons through a transfer-of-technology system to improve national defense competency, TNI Chief General Moeldoko said.

"We cannot ignore local products of our national defense systems because they are our priority. We cannot overlook the high technology either. Thus, we need a transfer of technology," Moeldoko stated here recently.

The weapons that are utilized by Indonesian soldiers are costly. Hence, the Indonesian Military should follow up the latest advances in technology so as not to fall behind other countries, according to the general.

"The TNI weapons are not cheap. However, we need to follow the latest technologies to balance power and attain the strength to face other countries," Moeldoko remarked.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 2014 IndoDefense Expo and Forum early this month, Vice President Jusuf Kalla affirmed that Indonesias military technology should be world class.

The vice president lauded the development milestones achieved by Indonesia in the field of military technology and hoped that it will be able to compete with foreign producers in manufacturing state-of-the-art military weaponry system.

"Military technology is not something easy because it requires meticulous research, high costs, and strong cooperation. But, Indonesia has adequate experience in the field of technology," the vice president stated.

Anoa-armored vehicles were very good and capable of competing with similar vehicles manufactured in other countries, Kalla noted.

Although defense equipment requires highly sophisticated technology, the industry should be able to provide benefits to the community in addition to being able to defend the country from outside attacks, the vice president emphasized.

One of Indonesias military capabilities is the national armys proficiency in intercepting foreign aircraft trespassing into its waters or the national territory, he pointed out.

"We can intercept foreign aircraft, and that means we have great ability," the vice president remarked.

His country was also ready to provide increased security in Indonesian waters using the resources from the US military forces, the US ambassador further stated.

The aid can be in the form of specialized military training and equipment assistance to strengthen Indonesias maritime defense capabilities, Blake explained.

"This is to ensure security of the Indonesian waters and to prevent illegal fishing by foreign vessels," he remarked.

Securing the Indonesian waters was essential, since geographically, it is surrounded by oceans, Blake noted.

The US and Indonesia will increasingly cooperate in the area of security and defense, he said.

"We are working with the Indonesian military to improve its maritime security and to strengthen its international defense capabilities," he noted.

America was keen to improve Indonesias maritime defense capabilities to complement its vision of becoming a world maritime power, Blake emphasized.

"We stand ready to boost maritime collaboration to complement the vision of President Jokowi," he remarked.

Boosting maritime security is aimed at improving Indonesias maritime defense capabilities and providing assistance to curtail illegal fishing in its waters.

US President Barack Obama praised Indonesia for its multi-pronged approach to combat terrorism, Blake also noted.

The US was partnering with Indonesia on addressing global security challenges such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, he said.

"Last week, when President Obama met President Jokowi on the sidelines of the APEC meeting in China, President Obama said he wanted to thank Indonesia for the efforts it had taken in isolating extremism," Blake remarked.

Obama had thanked Indonesia for its joint counter-terrorism efforts with other countries, the US envoy also revealed.

The bilateral defense and security cooperation have been very sound and his government stands ready to bolster maritime security cooperation to complement President Jokowis vision, Blake said.

"We are also pleased to play a role in supporting Indonesias military modernization, including through provision of world-class American military systems and technology," he stated.

Reporter: Otniel Tamindael
Editor: Priyambodo RH
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