Do not let children live in violence: Psychologist

Do not let children live in violence: Psychologist

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Parents should ensure that their children are not exposed to domestic violence to prevent them replicating the same behavior elsewhere, emphasized child psychologist Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo.

"At home, parents should teach their children that one does not necessarily have to resort to violence in order to overcome a problem," Vera stated here on Thursday, adding that parents should evaluate which course of disciplinary action works best at home.

She noted that when a child gets habituated to experiencing violence at home, then there is a high likelihood for him or her to repeat the same behavior when faced with a problem outside home.

"When children encountered a particular situation outside their homes, they would react to it alike what they have experienced at home," Vera remarked, adding that although the environment at home should be made as conducive as possible for children, however it does not mean that they go unpunished for any wrongdoing.

"Strict rules are necessary with the consequences being made quite clear if the children violated them. They must be disciplined but not necessarily by using violence," she emphasized.

Vera explained that in order to inculcate obedience and discipline in children, it is important for parents to observe certain basic, commonsense rules. It should be evident to the children that the punishment will be administered for a sound, justifiable reason.

She stated that a child should be clearly explained where his or her behavior was unacceptable, and why the punishment is being doled out.

During the period between January and September 2014, the National Commission for Child Protection received 2,726 reports of violence against children, and 26 percent of the perpetrators were children under 14 years of age.

In light of this, National Commission for Child Protection Chairman Arist Merdeka Sirait has called on parents to make the atmosphere at home as amicable and peaceful as possible for children in order to curtail violent behavior among them.

"The family must be willing to forego authoritarian parenting, and avoid making the home a battleground," Sirait affirmed.

He stated that bringing up children through infancy, childhood, and teenage years in warm companionship, reasonable confidence, consistent example, loving discipline, and personal respect can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.