Unpad`s students create lie detection card game

Unpad`s students create lie detection card game

Padjajaran University. (unpad.ac.id)

Bandung (ANTARA News) - The students of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) in Bandung, West Java, have created a card game called "Lion" that helps to hone a persons sensitivity to detect lies.

"The Lion card game trains an individuals sensitivity to detect lies in daily activities," one of the creators of the Lion game, Barri Pratama, stated here on Wednesday.

According to Barri, lies would be detected when the person plays the cards of the lie detection game or the Lion card game.

He noted that the card game will be able to train a persons sensitivity to spot lies by creating a hypothetical condition for a person to see and identify lies in an individuals behavior.

This game uses psychological customization of communication technology in non-verbal communication.

"Lies will arise when gestures or body language of the players are revealed unconsciously, thereby helping the other players to predict whether another player is lying or not to win the game," he said.

By creating an interactive game, there is bound to be a lot of interaction between the players.

When a person is lying, there would be a mismatch of words, sounds, and movements of that individual. The inconsistency in behavior is believed to be difficult to control consciously.

Such behavior would become more apparent when a person was depressed.

"So, by observing the four forms of behavior, it can predict whether or not someone is lying," he explained.

The Lion game is similar to other card games in general, but the game comprises 36 cards having six points and the six senses emblem: the nose, mouth, eyebrow, shoulder, eyes, and hands.

The game, which can only be played by two players, has been selected for the Student Creativity Week in Indonesia this year.