The Polri should be able to use tactics and techniques supported by the right technology."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has urged the National Police (Polri) to improve public services by ensuring security and bringing legal certainty to them.

Acting as the inspector of the ceremony to commemorate Polris 69th anniversary, commonly known as Bhayangkara Day, in Jakartas southern outskirts of Depot on Wednesday, President Jokowi said that public confidence in the police can be developed through the eradication of practices that harm their sense of justice.

"Eradication of all forms of crimes needs to be done firmly and professionally to ensure legal certainty and a sense of justice," the president remarked.

Jokowi also encouraged the Polri to improve its capabilities by incorporating developments in science and technology in methods to fight crime.

"The Polri should be able to use tactics and techniques supported by the right technology," the head of state emphasized.

Furthermore, he noted that the police should also be able to meet the publics sense of justice, especially that of marginalized groups.

According to Jokowi, in the fight against crime, it is crucial that the police establish synergy and cooperation with other law enforcement officials and stakeholders, including support from the community.

In the future, the institution will be faced with the challenge of increasingly difficult and complex duties.

Social problems will become more dynamic as a result of globalization, and criminal activities will be more diverse with the use of wider dimensions of information technology.

He also stated that the security situation in the country will be progressively more dotted with conventional crimes, transnational crimes, crimes against the countrys wealth, and the crimes that have implications for contingencies.

At the same time, the demands and expectations of the public from the police will also rise.

On the same occasion, President Jokowi did not forget to express his thanks and highest appreciation to the members of the police force who earnestly serve in rural areas, border regions, remote areas, outermost islands, and international missions abroad.

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