Kudus, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The traditional celebration of Syawalan in Dawe Subdistrict, Kudus Regent, Central Java Province, which is marked with a parade of gunungan, remains preserved. This year, it took place on July 24.
As part of the local people's way of expressing their thanks and victory after performing a month-long fasting month of Ramadhan, this year's Syawalan rituals were held a week after Eid Fitr (Idul Fitri)

Syawalan origins from the word of Syawal, the name of month in Islamic-Arabian calendar system.

Completed with a thousand ketupat rice cakes (rice cooked in woven coconut leaves), the parade of gunungan or cone-shape offering started from the house of Colo village's head in Dawe Subdistrict.

From the house, the participants of the gunungan parade headed to the Sunan Muria mosque and ended at Taman Ria Colo, about a kilometer away from the cemetery.

About a thousand people had waited for the coming of the parade there to fight over the ketupat rice cakes that local Muslim clerics had prayed.

According to Head of Colo village Awang Ristihadi, this year's Syawalan celebration was the ninth, and it would remain preserved whoever the figure who heads the village.

"Whoever heads Colo village, he or she is expected to back this annual calendar of event," he said adding that this year's Syawalan celebration involved 300 people representing all villages in Dawe Subdistrict.

Meanwhile, Kudus Regent Musthofa said the district government appreciated all parties supporting the this annual traditional celebration that has continuously been held for years.

"This tradition is so valuable that it needs to be preserved," he said.

Reporter: Akhmad Lathif
Editor: Ade P Marboen
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