Lapan develops instrument that can detect high fishing-potential areas

The system can guide the fishermen towards areas with high fishing potential and give safety related information during sailing.
Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - The Institute of National Aviation and Space, or Lapan, has developed a fish availability sensing instrument to enhance the Indonesian fishermens productivity by utilizing satellite-based technology.

The instrument is called Decision Support System (DSS).

"By utilizing the technology from Lapan, the DSS system effectively supports the fishermens activity and enhances their ability to detect potential fishing areas," the Deputy for Science and Atmosphere at Lapan, Afif Budiono, said here on Monday.

The system can guide the fishermen towards areas with high fishing potential and give safety related information during sailing.

"Previously, the fishermen faced difficulties in gathering such information. I hope that in the future, the fishermen will access this system, thus enhancing their own productivity. Also, it will assist them in navigation during sailing," Afif said.

He added that the system, which is connected to Lapans satellite launched last July, can detect fish population and also locate fishermens ships.

It can then provide comprehensive information, including factors that have a disaster potential, such as high speed winds, high waves, and threat of tsunami.

"Each fishing boat is equipped with high-frequency communication tools that enable it to receive radio communication from the operator," Afif said.

The system, the Deputy said, is also connected to the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization channel that can effectively spread the information.

In the first phase, the DSS will be made operational in Yogyakarta Province. The Institute will soon develop similar systems for other provinces of Indonesia.

Additionally, the Head of Science and Atmosphere Technology Center of Lapan, Halimurrahman, said the system will be utilized in Indonesia with the aim to increase fish productivity while, at the same time, improving fishermens safety on the job.

"Indonesia, as an archipelago country, needs such a system. Soon, it will become operational in other areas of Indonesia, too," Halimurrahman added.

Earlier, in September, Lapan had launched Lapan A2 satellite with the help of the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C30.

The satellite is equipped with video and digital cameras that can track and locate ships as well as amateur radio traffic.

The A2 satellite can monitor shipping traffic, support maritime security and monitor Indonesian maritime resources.(*)