Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - The fisheries cooperative of the Bengkulu city has started exporting Layur fish (Trichiurus Lepturus) to many countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea.

Layur fish export was started as the fishing season began in November 2015, the Management of Mutiara Laut Coop, Hermansyah, said here on Wednesday.

"This Layur fish catch depends on the season which lasts for six months, and the species is not available for the rest of the year," he said at Pondok Besi fish auction, Bengkulu city.

This fish is obtained from North Bengkulu, South Bengkulu and Kaur districts.

Hermansyah could export 100 tons of Layur fish per month through the Bandung city, West Java.

"We use a cold store built by the government for this auction," he said.

The coop buys Layur fish from fishermen at prices ranging between Rp15 thousand and Rp36 thousand per kilogram, depending on the size of the fish.

The demand of Layur fish caught from the Indian Ocean is high because it if of better quality.

"There are no certain standards in case of this fish. They always accept every lot of the species we send. The problem is actually of the production being low because many fishermen still use traditional fishing gear," Hermansyah emphasized.

Layur fish could easily be identified, owing to its flat and long shape.

Various kind of Layur fish are found in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Many people like it because the meat is chewy, not too fishy, not greasy, and it has easily removable bones.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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