... the beef will later be sold at a price of Rp80,000 per kilogram."
Medan (ANTARA News) - The government has appointed Perum Bulog and PT Berdikari to import beef and shallots to control any hike in the prices of the two commodities ahead of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadhan.

"I have appointed the two state-owned companies to control the hike in prices of various staples, especially shallots and beef, following the Presidents instruction to these companies to reduce the prices of various commodities ahead of Ramadhan and the post-fasting festivities of Eid el Fitr," Minister of State Enterprises, Rini Soemarno, said here on Saturday (May 28).

She stated that after attending a state-owned companies Focus Group Discussion event that in line with the directives of President Joko Widodo, the price of shallots should reach only Rp25,000 per kilogram while beef must remain below Rp80,000 per kilogram.

"This level of pricing could be achieved if the two state-owned companies cooperate to temporarily import the commodities in view of the insufficient domestic supply," she observed.

The finance director of Perum Bulog chapter of North Sumatra, Irianto Hutagaol, informed that permits have been issued to import 10,000 tons of beef.

"We (Bulog and Berdikari) are each given a permit to import 5,000 tons and the beef will later be sold at a price of Rp80,000 per kilogram," she disclosed.

With the price at this level, people will be relieved because as of now, beef prices have reached around Rp100,000 per kilogram.

They will import the commodity from Australia, according to plans. "They have not yet been realized but the permits have been issued and if imports must be made, that will be done," she assured.

Shallot imports initially will reach 2,500 tons and the commodity will be sold at Rp25,000 per kilogram or cheaper than the present price which is around Rp45,000 per kilogram.

(Reporting by Evalisa Siregar/Uu.H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/S012)

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