Purwakarta (ANTARA News) - The polices anti-terror squad (Densus 88) has arrested two alleged terrorists identified by their initials WT and MA in Bandung City of West Java.

"At 8:30 a.m. local time, we have arrested an alleged terrorist identified by the initials WT," a spokesman of West Java Police Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus stated here, Wednesday.

WT was arrested in Soreang Sub-district, while MA was arrested in Cileunyi Sub-district in Bandung, he noted.

WT and MA had allegedly given sermons to the two suicide bombers -- Ichwan Nurul Salam (INS) and Ahmad Sukri (AS) -- who blew themselves up at the Kampung Melayu terminal of East Jakarta in May.

"WT, MA, and MI gave the sermon to INS and AS five days before the incident. They met for the sermon," he added.

Yusri said, WT was the team leader of the Asykari As Sunnah foundation located in Cileunyi, while MI was the foundations chairman.

"We are still investigating the message in the sermon, whether they asked them to become the bride (suicide bombers)," he said.

Earlier on Monday, MI was arrested by Densus 88 in Jatinangor of Bandung.

MI was a recidivist, released in 2015 after serving jail term for the Cibiru bomb attack.

"MI was sentenced for seven years in jail. He received remission, and after five years in jail, he was released," he remarked.

The police have named four suspects in the suicide bomb attack in Kampung Melayu.

The suspects are Asep alias Abu Dafa, Waris Suyitno alias Masuit, and Jajang Iqin Sodikin. They are known to be friends of Ahmad Sukri, one of the suicide bombers.

Another suspect, with the initials HR, AS brother-in-law, was arrested in Garut, West Java.

The suicide attacks at a bus stop in East Jakarta killed three policemen and the two bombers as well as injured 11 others, according to the police.(*)

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