Turkey to build schools in Aceh province

Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) - The Turkish government has expressed its wish to build several schools in Aceh province and bring teachers from the country to Indonesia.

"We will build several schools in Aceh and bring teachers from Turkey to Indonesia," Turkish Ambassador to Indonesia Mehmet Kadri Sander Gurbuz said here on Monday.

Gurbuz delivered the statement during his meeting with Banda Aceh Mayor Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, Vice Mayor Zainal Arifin, and the city governments officials at the local town hall.

During the meeting, Gurbuz, Djamal, and the Aceh government officials discussed cooperation between the two sides.

Gurbuz stated that education has become the priority of cooperation. Even so, cooperation in other fields, including tourism, economy, arts, culture, and construction would also be explored.

In addition to building several schools in Aceh, he added that his party will also open opportunities for cooperation in the field of construction. Moreover, the best Turkish construction company in the world might visit Banda Aceh.

"There is a lot of infrastructure that can be built by the Turkish construction companies, such as road and flyover construction. Turkish companies may visit Banda Aceh," he remarked.

Regarding the cooperation in the field of tourism, Turkish investors and tourists were interested in investing in and visiting Aceh. Moreover, Aceh and Turkey have recorded a great relationship in the past.

Djamal welcomed Turkeys plans to construct several schools and bring teachers from Turkey to the province.

"The cooperation between Aceh and Turkey has been going on for a long time. Cooperation between the two sides would become the great power of Islam," she asserted.(*)