Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s press freedom index in 2017, in a cumulative, illustrates that 30 provinces in the country experience a fairly free level of press freedom, with a point of 68.95.

"The Press Freedom Index survey was conducted by the Indonesian Press Council for two years to capture the true picture of press freedom condition in Indonesia. This survey covers the political, economical, and legal aspects," a press council member, who is also the Secretary General of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), Hendry Ch Bangun, remarked during the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day 2018 held here on Tuesday.

According to him, Indonesia`s freedom press index 2017 was better than that in 2015, with a point of 63.44.

The press freedom index rises in political, economical, and legal environments, Bangun continued.

He explained in detail that the Indonesian press freedom in 2016 had a deficit in "freedom for."

"On the other hand, press freedom index related to `freedom from,` such as freedom to be engaged in an organization; establish companies; seek, process, and disseminate information; diversify ownership; and freedom of journalists from criminalization, intimidation, and violence, is in good condition," Bangun explained.

Meanwhile, he added that the implementation of journalistic ethics and corporate media governance are also fair. "However, the independence in newsroom and welfare of journalists are perceived to be alarming," he remarked.

Bangun asserted that the survey conducted by the Indonesian Press Council is counter to the international organizations` assessment on press freedom, which tends to be biased and puts pressure on certain sides.

In 2018, the Reporters Sans Fronti?res (RSF) rated Indonesia`s press freedom at 39.68, or ranked the country 124th of 180 countries.

"Although Indonesia`s press freedom index is better than the Philippines (133), Myanmar (137), Thailand (140), Malaysia (145), Singapore (151), Brunei Darussalam (153), Laos (170), and Vietnam (175), the score is little bit absurd. In reality, media life in Indonesia is better than dozens of other countries that have higher score than Indonesia," he noted.

The World Press Freedom Day 2018 is organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Indonesian Press Council.

As part of the event, three publications were launched, namely the 2018 World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Developments in Asia and the Pacific Report and the 2005 Convention Global Report on Reshaping Cultural Policies: Advancing Creativity for Development by UNESCO.

The third publication was launched by the Indonesian Press Council on the Indonesian Press Freedom Index 2017.


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