Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Two of the country`s new political parties - Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) and Persatuan Indonesia (Perindo)- are potential to win votes enough to form a faction at the country`s Parliament in the forthcoming election in 2019.

"Of four new political parties to contest the 2019 legislative election there are two having quite high electability - Perindo 3.1 percent and PSI 1.3 percent." Executive Director of a survey agency Y Publica Rudi Hartono said here on Monday.

If PSI and Perindo could increase their electability they have the chance of going through the parliamentary threshold of 4 percent, Rudi said in a written statement.

He said for the majority of the people, clean track record is most important before they give their votes to a political party.

Around 51.4 percent of the respondents said they would vote for party having the cleanest track record, with only 15.9 percent wanting new leader as their first preference, 15.3 percent having clear political agenda and 10.4 percent preferring young leaders and 7 percent having other preferences, he said.

He said based on the perception of all respondents the party seen closest to their appetite and the aspiration of young voters is PDIP (23.9 percent), followed by Gerindra (11.2 percent), Golkar (5.4 percent), Demokrat (5.4 percent) and PSI (5.1 percent).

"PSI ranks among the biggest five as a party of young people," he said, adding it is, however, is only a general conclusion.

He said he had not made a survey specially on young voters as the fact is young Indonesians are rather apathetic with politics.

He said young people tend to keep distance from politics, but the appearance of PSI might reduce the apathy and revive the interest in politics among young Indonesians.

"The appearance of PSI with young leaders and clean track record is potential attract the interest of young voters," he said.

PSI is facing a challenge that it has to come up with new and different political agenda, he said.

"PSI has to maintain a clean track record and come up with political agenda rich in ideas, and clear programs," he added.

Currently, there are 10 factions in the Parliament led by PDIP with 109 seats (18.95 percent), followed by Golkar with 91 seats (14.75percent and Gerindra 73 seats (11.81 percent), Demokrat 61 seats (10.19 percent, and other less than 10 percent.

Reporter: Saragih
Editor: Otniel Tamindael
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