Pariaman, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Some 18 thousand tourists from various regions have visited the mangrove forest track located in Pariaman City, West Sumatra Province, during the 2018 Lebaran holidays.

Personnel of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Pariaman Marine Conservation and Supervision of Marine Resources and Fishery (KPSDKP) Dayat stated here on Monday that the number of visits is based on the data recorded by officers.

Dayat said the high public interest to visit the mangrove tourism attraction is also influenced by several factors, such as the area of mangrove forest and a sea turtle breeding center in the province.

"Several factors affect the arrival of visitors from West Sumatra and outside the region, one of them being the ease of travel and gaining information on sea turtles," he explained.

Tourists visiting the mangrove forest track are not charged fees. However, to get to the location, every visitor has to pay Rp2,000 to enter through the UPT KPSDKP gate.

Meanwhile, on the weekend, his side has recorded some 1,500 tourists from various regions to visit the mangrove forest attractions.

Chairman of the Tabuik Diving Club (TDC) of Pariaman Aksa Prawira and the supervisory community of the attraction highlighted the need to apply restriction on the number of visitors to avoid damage.

"TDC assesses the need to limit the number of visits to a maximum of 50 people per day, otherwise the bridge can incur damage and it can disrupt the natural balance," he conveyed.

Unfortunately, several visitors continue to damage the facilities and infrastructure in the mangrove forest track.

For instance, the information boards provided by the Minangkabau Pertamina Depot of Aircraft Filling, as the party that allocated Corporate Social Responsibility funds for the development of the tourist attraction, have been damaged.

In addition to damaging some facilities, several visitors continue to litter garbage.

In fact, the manager has provided three trash cans around the mangrove forest area. Prawira is also optimistic of the local government providing facilities, such as toilets, to support the tourist attraction.

Reported by Altas Maulana

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