Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Two Indonesian martial arts athletes, Hanifan Yudani Kusumah and Eko Febrianto, will compete in the quarter-finals in the Pencak Silat sport (martial arts) at the 2018 Asian Games at the Padepokan Pencak Silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in East Jakarta on Saturday.

Hanifan Yudani Kusumah will compete against Laos fighter Phoumiphon Vongphakdy in men`s class C 55kg-60kg at 2 pm local time on Saturday, while Eko Febrianto will compete against Singaporean Sheik Farhan Sheik Alauddin in the men`s J class 90kg-95kg later.

In addition to fighting matches, other Indonesian fighters who will compete in art classes are namely Puspa Arumsari (woman) and Sugianto (man).

The following is the complete schedule of the 2018 Asian Games Pencak Silat (martial arts) match which will take place on Saturday:

For a single women`s art class:

Pool A at 09.00 am, namely Norshahirah Ratius (Malaysia), Tunee Vilaysack (Laos), Thi Binh Voung (Vietnam), and Cherry May Regalado (Philippines).

Pool B at 10.10 am, namely Norleyermah Haji Raya (Brunei Darusalam), Nurzuhairah Mohammad Yazid (Singapore), Salini Mamij (Thailand) and Puspa Arumsari (Indonesia).

For men`s singles art classes:

Pool A at 09.30 am, namely Tien Dung Vu (Vietnam), Souksavanh Chanthilath (Laos), Ilyas Sadara (Thailand), Muhammad Affi Nordin (Malaysia) and Daisuke Aso (Japan)

Pool B at 10:40 am, namely Sugianto (Indonesia), Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Rahman (Singapore), Paulo Futre Lopes Araujo Dos Reis (Timor Leste), Almohaidib Abad (Philippines) and Noman Yousa (Pakistan)

For the match, fight arena I:

2.00 pm (male class C 55kg-60kg) Thi Loan Hoang (Vietnam) vs. Precious Jade Borre (Philippines)

2.30 pm (male class C 55kg-60kg) Adilan Chemaeng (Thailand) vs. Almaz Toichuez (Kyrgyzstan)

3.00 (male class C 55kg-60kg) Thai Linh Nguyen (Vietnam) vs Hamed Havasi (Iran)

3:30 pm (class J 90kg-95kg son) Eko Febrianto (Indonesia) vs. Sheik Farhan Sheik Alauddin (Singapore)

4.00 pm (class J 90kg-95kg son) Mohd Khaizul Yaacob (Malaysia) vs. Mohammad Mortazi (Iran)

Arena II

2 pm (class C 55kg-60kg men) Phoumiphon Vongphakdy (Laos) vs. Hanifan Yudani Kusumah (Indonesia)

2.30 pm (class C 55kg-60kg men) Silvestre Dos Santos Barbosa (Timor Leste) vs. Mohamad Hazim Amzad (Malaysia)

3.00 pm (class J 90kg-95kg men) Rashit Amankulov (Kyrgyzstan) vs. Van Tri Nguyen (Vietnam)

3.30 pm (class J 90kg-95kg men) Tachin Pokjay (Thailand) vs. Muhammad Zubair Arshad (Pakistan).

Reporting by Syaiful Hakim
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