Tanjung Selor, Kaltara (ANTARA News) - North Kalimantan (Kaltara), as the youngest province in Indonesia, is proud of the achievement of the rock climbing athlete from the province, Sabri, who won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games on Monday.

Kaltara Governor Irianto Lambrie remarked here on Tuesday that the provincial government is proud, as the athlete from the province had delivered an outstanding achievement during the 2016 National Sports Week in West Java and in the 2018 Asian Games.

"We are proud of the achievements of Sabri, the rock climbing athlete, who won a silver medal on Monday at the most prestigious event in Asia," the Kaltara governor stated while vowing to immediately offer a bonus to the athlete.

Sabri, a rock climbing athlete from the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation Branch in Nunukan District, has again won a silver medal in the 2018 Asian Games in the Men`s Speed Relay category.

In the final, Sabri, who paired with Aspar and Alfian, lost to his compatriot, who finally won gold.

Sabri had earlier won a gold medal in the National Climbing Open Competition Series, some time ago.

At the Asian Games, Kaltara`s athletes are participating in two sports: handball featuring Rahman Efendi and Andi Yoga and rock climbing featuring Sabri.

Reporting by N. Yuliastuti
Editing by Otniel

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