Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Uzbek rower Menkov Vadim took home a gold medal from the men`s 1,000-meter canoe singles (C1) at the Asian Games 2018 on Thursday.

Vadim led the first round of the canoe/kayak sprint (CSP) finals at the Jakabaring Rowing & Canoeing Regatta Course, leaving behind his rivals from seven countries, excluding host Indonesia.

Tajikistan rower Daminov Shahriyor finished second with a silver medal, and Iranian rower Rezaei Mohammad Nabi stood third with a bronze medal.

Meanwhile, the Kazakh rowing team, comprising Golendov Ilya, Dergunov Alexey, Tolarnytskyi Sergii, and Alexeyev Yevgeniy, grabbed a gold medal in the men`s 500-meter kayak four (K4) race, outclassing other teams from eight countries, including Indonesia.

In the first round of canoe/kayak sprint, nine countries, including Indonesia, stepped into the men`s 500-meter K4 class finals.

The host team, comprising Gandie, Harjito Mugi, Buwono Tri Wahyu, and Ryondra Mazir, finished sixth in the competition for a gold medal.

The silver medal went to Korean rowing team, comprising Cho Gwanghee, Cho Jeonghyun, Choi Minkyu, and Kim Jiwon, and the bronze medal went to Iranian rowing team, comprising Talebian Ahmadreza, Ghavidel Siah Sofiani Peyman, Aghamirzaeigenaghard Ali, and Boudaghi Amin.

China took four out of six gold medals up for grabs in the canoe/kayak sprint (CSP) finals, while two other gold medals in the men`s 500-meter K4 class and the men`s 1,000-meter singles went to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, respectively.

Reporting by Yudi Abdullah
Editing by Suharto

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Editor: Andi Abdussalam
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