APRC marks tenth anniversary in Yogyakarta

APRC marks tenth anniversary in Yogyakarta

Representative of former APRC president Jean Prichard, Vanesa Dhiru hands over a plaque of award to APRC president Tabucanon Monthip at Hotel Grand Inna Malioboro, Yogyakarta , on Sunday. (Bayu Prasetyo)

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - The Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) of the International Council of Women (ICW$ marked its tenth anniversary in a dinner held here on Sunday evening.

APRC president Tabucanon Monthip Shriratna said in her speech on the occasion that in the past six years of her leadership the institution had continued improving the quality of its efforts in women empowerment in the Asia Pacific region.

"I pray the next president and board of APRC would also do their best in the women empowerment," she said.

ICW President Jung Sook Kim expreceiation to APRC`s performance in the past 10 years.

"In the past ten years APRC has made a good progress in terms of quality and quantity, We must continue our best efforts to achieve advancement of women`s roles as well as APRC and ICW," she said.

Besides APRC ICW also has European Center of ICW as well as regional councils for America and Africa.

Indonesia is currently hosting the 35th General Assembly of ICW in Yogyakarta. Organized by Kowani (Indonesian Congress of Women) and supported by the state enteprises ministry and 35 state-owned companies the meeting since September 13 is scheduled until September 19.

Reporting by Bayu Prasetyo
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi