Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian contingent at the 2018 Asian Para Games has been able to meet the target set by the government to win 17 gold medals, but the spirit to get more from hundreds of remaining gold contested is still high.

Until the sixth day of the championship for disability athletes in Jakarta on Thursday, the Indonesian contingent was in sixth position with 23 gold, 29 silver and 34 bronze, while China remains at the top position with 105 gold, 53 silver and 39 bronze medals.

"The Indonesian team will continue to pursue the gold medals because the maximum results we have achieved are silver. Hopefully in the next three days we will be able to get more gold," said the coach of the bicycle racing team, Puspita Mustika Adya.

Bicycle racing in the next three days will match the track numbers that are carried out at the Jakarta International Velodrome Rawamangun. There are 16 gold medals contested. Especially today six gold will be pursued by the rider.

Muhammad Fadli Immamuddin who won silver at ITT C4 will be the winner for the medal because the former national motor rider will compete in two numbers at once, namely the sprint and individual pursuit. In addition there is Sufyan Saori who is expected win medal.

The hope to win gold medals is not only from bicycle racing. The athletic sports branch remains the flagship to contribute gold because the opportunity remains open. Until the sixth day, athletics have packed six gold medals or exceeded the target of three gold.

There are 33 gold medals that will be contested including those from the men`s and women`s high jump numbers, men`s and women`s long jumps from several categories.

In this athletics, the Indonesian contingent still has the opportunity to win medals even though the Chinese contingent is quite dominant.

In addition, there are 18 gold medals up for grabs in para swimming, in which, the Indonesian contingent was often hampered because until now it only won one gold three silver and three bronze, but Syuci Indriani remains a mainstay in the remaining numbers.

Besides bicycle racing, athletics and swimming, sports that compete for gold medals are archery, weight lifting, wheelchair tennis, judo, wheelchair fencing, shooting, dudum volleyball and tenpin bowling.

Reporting by Bayu Kuncahyo
Editing by Otniel, Eliswan

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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