Bogor, W Java(ANTARA News) - Prophet Muhammad`s birthday was commemorated and celebrated by Muslims in different parts of Indonesia on Tuesday by convening various events, such as Islamic teaching forums, seminars, and book fairs.

For the University of Indonesia, celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is marked with the opening of an event, called the 4th University of Indonesia Islamic Book Fair (UI IBF).

Taking place at the prestigious public university`s Balairung Hall from Tuesday to Saturday, this event not just features 70 book stalls that will satisfy the appetite of Islamic book lovers but it is also enlivened by a religious gathering on Prophet Muhammad`s life.

For billions of Muslims across the world, Prophet Muhammad is absolutely believed as the messenger and last prophet of Allah Subhanahu Wata`ala.

The great history of his life, filled with hardships during his struggles for preaching what Allah (almighty God) had revealed to him, has also inspired and encouraged numerous scholars to write scholarly and popular books.

The contents of those books illustrate various aspects of his humble life, including his struggles and leadership qualities that may be adopted as a role model by those keen on becoming good leaders in their respective communities and countries.

Among the books published and sold publicly are John Adair`s The Leadership of Muhammad (2010), Ahmed Omer`s Prophet Mohammed: His Life And Times (2011), and Mustafa Erdogan`s The Age of Bliss: Prophet Muhammad (2016).

For Indonesians, who will vote for the country`s new pair of president and vice president in April 2019, this year`s commemoration of Prophet Muhammad`s birthday is quite relevant to the country`s political context.

Next year, eligible voters across the archipelago are not just required to exercise their political rights and preferences for choosing the new pair of president and vice president but are also called on to select their representatives in the parliament.

Eligible voters determine the fate of the candidates, who will represent their voices in the House of Representatives (DPR), Regional Representatives Council (DPD), as well as provincial and district/city`s legislative bodies.

However, not all eligible voters have comprehensive knowledge about those legislative candidates` track records, characters, and leadership qualities.

Hence, when certain legislators were arrested for their alleged involvements in corruption and also drug trafficking activities, the people at large may have been taken aback but they cannot do anything to their chosen members of parliament.

In August, Ibrahim Hasan alias Ibrahim Hongkong, a member of Langkat District`s legislative body in North Sumatra Province, for instance, was arrested for his alleged involvement in trans-national drug trafficking activities.

His alleged involvement in a trans-national drug trafficking ruined his political career, as the National Democrat Party (Nasdem) sacked him from the political party`s membership as disclosed by Nasdem Secretary General Johnny G. Plate.

Shortly after his arrest, Plate remarked that Ibrahim, arrested by the law enforcers for possession of 105 kilograms of crystal meth that they confiscated in their raids, was fired from the party as revealed in a letter that the party`s general chairman, Surya Paloh, signed.

Instead of defending his party`s cadre, Plate urged the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) law enforcers to punish him severely for his role as the big fish in the trans-border drug trade.

The case of Ibrahim Hasan in Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, is a lesson learned for both political parties and eligible voters, so that they will not again be deceived by any irresponsible legislative candidates in future.

Elaborating on Prophet Muhammad`s personality and leadership qualities, John Adair`s book has offered a glimpse to his readers about how this last prophet has become "an inspirational leader as well as an effective manager" (Knowledge@Wharton, 2010).

Several qualities of Prophet Muhammad`s personality and leadership that can be learned from Adair`s book are leading by example, leading from the front, and sound understanding of his people`s cultures and norms.

Prophet Muhammad is also known as a leader, who sincerely loves his companions and his people, and is also loved by them. He is also "uncompromising in his determination to protect the integrity of his mission" (Knowledge@Wharton, 2010).

Hence, one of the messages while commemorating Prophet Muhammad`s birthday is related to his qualities of personality and leadership as they are so relevant to the needs of all Indonesians, who will be part of the fiesta of democracy celebrated next year.

Which people will lead Indonesia and who will represent their voices in the parliament? All these questions are posed to those, who celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad with conscience.

Editing by Sri Haryati

Reporter: Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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