Law and regulations need periodical evaluation: Expert

Law and regulations need periodical evaluation: Expert


Jakarta  (ANTARA News) - Expert in constitutional law said law regulations need to be evaluated periodically to keep them effective in the changing condition.

Prof. Susi Dwi Harijanti of the state run Padjadjaran University said there are no perfect regulations as they are made by human.

"Law and regulations will never be perfect as they are the products of human works. Evaluation, therefore, should be made regularly that they remain up to date," the professor said.

She said in advanced countries law regulations are regularly evaluated by a special commission.

Normally evaluation takes place every every five years or not longer than 10 years," she said.

She said Indonesia has too many law regulations and the country is among those rarely evaluating their law regulations.

She cited the law regulation on special autonomy for Papua has never been evaluated although it has been effective for quite long time.

"The same with law on Aceh administration. It has never been evaluated," she added.

Evaluation is important to see any deficiency and weaknesses of the regulations that revision could be made, she said.