Transportation Ministry prepares grand design on HRD

Transportation Ministry prepares grand design on HRD

Transportation Ministry (ANTARA PHOTO/Jojon)

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Indonesia's Transportation Ministry is preparing a 2019-2024 grand design on human resources development (HRD) to increase skills and productivity of its human resources.

The grand design will serve as a reference in the implementation of the first five-yearly bureaucratic reforms by HRD Board of the ministry of transportation.

"The grand design is expected to support every integrated mode of transportation planning to achieve the objectives that had been set to face the Golden Indonesia in 2045," said the head of HRD agency of the ministry, Umiyatun Hayati Triastuti on Wednesday.

Quality and quantity of human resources will decide highly competitive and reliable transportation in the face of Industrial Revolution 4.0, where transportation will serve as the main pillar of life in the economic, social, cultural, political, defense security aspects.

"The preparations and development of HRD in the transportation sector is basically a shared responsibility of the HRD agency, the government, operators and transportation industries," he said.

Reporting by Juwita Trisna Rahayu, Andi Abdussalam
Editing by Eliswan A