Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former maritime coordinating minister Rizal Ramli assessed that the two presidential candidates must offer different "menus" to the Indonesian people, which will be delivered during their second debate on Sunday (Feb 17).

"I hope the two presidential candidates would offer a better menu at the dining table for the Indonesian people," Ramli stated at a press conference at his residence here on Saturday.

He considered the Indonesian people entitled to know about the vision and mission of each candidate in the legal, social, and economic fields.

Therefore, according to him, the two presidential candidates must be different in their thinking, analysis, and strategy. If not, the 2019 Presidential Elections will have no meaning.

"I encourage the `food menu` offered to not only include tofu and tempeh but also chicken, meat, and fish, and even a dessert," he noted.

According to him, if you want to become a more powerful and prosperous nation, then the menu offered to the public cannot be the same as it is now.

He considered that there must be a breakthrough menu that could be presented by the two candidates, so that progress and prosperity could be achieved.

Previously, the second debate of the 2019 Presidential Election was only followed by the presidential candidate with the theme of energy, food, natural resources, environment, and infrastructure.

The second debate will be held at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, on Sunday (Feb 17), which will be broadcast live on RCTI, GTV, MNC TV, and iNews TV.

In the second debate, the KPU made an exploratory session by presenting short duration videos related to the vision and mission of each presidential candidate.

The aim is to see the exploratory abilities of candidates to understand while explaining and finding solutions to problems.

"The segment in the second debate is the same as the first debate, but in the fourth segment, which is a question session from the panelists, there is a short video of each candidate, we call it an exploratory session," KPU commissioner Wahyu Setiawan revealed on Friday (Feb 15).

He explained that the first segment was that of the vision and mission presentation, the second and third segments were panelist questions, the fourth segment was explorative, the fifth segment was inspirational, with each candidate asking other candidates.

Setiawan claimed that the format allows candidates to appear relaxed, original, and more explorative in explaining in detail the vision and mission of the program.

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