Names of eight foreigners found on 2019 elections` voter list

Names of eight foreigners found on 2019 elections` voter list

Logo of the Indonesian Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) . (Foto ANTARA)

Semarang, C Java - The Central Java Election Supervisory Office (Bawaslu) found the names of eight foreigners being included on the final voters` list (DPT) for the 2019 simultaneous legislative and presidential elections.

Of the eight foreigners, three were found in Surakarta, two in Tegal, and one each in Purworejo, Batang, and Salatiga, Anik Sholihatun, coordinator of the Central Java Bawaslu, noted here, Monday.

The local Bawaslu has informed the National General Election Commission (KPU) to remove the eight names from the list, she remarked.

"We continue to check the list to find if there are some other foreigners` names on the DPT," she noted.

Earlier, the Central Java Bawaslu had found the names of 12 foreigners on the DPT and urged the KPU to delete them.

Hence, in total, the names of 20 foreigners were found in Central Java.

Meanwhile, the KPU has removed the names of 101 foreigners holding Indonesia`s electronic identity (e-ID) cards from the DPT for the elections to be organized across Indonesia on April 17, 2019.

Initially, the Home Affairs Ministry had informed about 103 names of foreigners found on the DPT, the Commission noted in a statement on Wednesday evening.

After rechecking, the KPU found only 102 names of foreigners on the list, and a foreigner, identified by his name as Guillaume, was listed twice.

After comparing with the Home Affairs Ministry`s findings, the KPU confirmed that 101 foreigners` names were on the list.

The Home Affairs Ministry had earlier revealed that out of 1,680 foreigners holding Indonesia`s e-ID cards, 103 names were mistakenly included on the DPT.

Reporting by Wisnu AN, fardah