"Four volunteers have entered the Pagar Jati area to map out current conditions and the main requirements of the victims," he said.
Bengkulu (ANTARA) - Several thousand flood- and landslide-affected residents of Central Bengkulu, Bengkulu, are desperately seeking relief -- staple items, clothing, blankets, and tents -- particularly those affected by landslides in Merigi Sakti, Merigi Kelindang, and Bang Haji.

"We have visited the Merigi Sakti Sub-district area and held a meeting with the village officials and approached community shops to get a grasp of the key requirements of the public comprising basic necessities, tents, and clothing," Bengkulu Branch Head of Action and Services for the Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI) Purwanto Pasaribu remarked when contacted from Bengkulu Province, Tuesday.

Pasaribu noted that the GMKI team is presently on a visit to Merigi Sakti District and will head to a more isolated area in Merigi Kelindang District, including Komring Village.

Along with encountering difficulties in reaching the location owing to road access being blocked following landslides, the GMKI team found it challenging to look for the landslide victims without assistance of heavy equipment, according to Pasaribu.

In addition to the sub-districts of Merigi Sakti and Merigi Kelindang, those residing in several villages hit by flash floods in Bang Haji Sub-district are yet seeking staple foods, sleeping mats, blankets, and tents.

"The flood-affected victims here also urgently require medicines, food, blankets, and supplies for children," Bang Haji Sub-District Chief Edi Junaidi noted.

Flood victims comprising women, senior citizens, and toddlers in the villages of Genting, Talang Panjang, Titik, and Tebat Penyengat too were frantically look for aid.

Coordinator of the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) of Bengkulu Province Agus Widianto stated that his team had managed to reach areas where vehicular access was blocked following landslides in Pagar Jati Village, Pagar Jati District.

"Four volunteers have reached the Pagar Jati area to map out the current conditions and gauge the victims' key requirements," he added.


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